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"Escola Profissional Amar Terra Verde (EPATV) is a vocational school of about 750 students, 70 teachers and 29 non-teaching staff. It is located in Vila Verde, a mainly rural area, with unqualified populations suffering of severe socio-economic problems.

EPATV was born from a tripartite partnership between three townhalls of the municipalities of Amares, Terras de Bouro and Vila Verde. Actually is a private institution under the Ministry of Education supervision.

The institution objective is to prepare students so that they can be integrated in the labor market with success, to qualify youth and, consequently, the regional human resources improving the living conditions of the communities.

Its course offer is diversified, however, Tourism is one of the strongest areas (Catering and Table servant) together with Eletricity, Renewable Energies, Metalomechanics, Healthcare, Air conditioning, Industrial Maintenance, Metalworks, Car Mechanics, Mechatronics, among others. As a consequence of the success these areas knew in recent years, with almost total absorption of the graduates by the labormarket, the investement in equipments and qualified staff has been one of our major concerns, along with the quality of teaching.

EPATV has been developing - and still does – Learning partnerships with  several other countries as Mozambique, Equatorial Guinea, Angola, Lybia, Cape Verde and Saint Tome and Principe.

For some years now, EPATV is a Eco-School and has been strengthening its environmental friendliness. Besides it, EPATV is recognized by DGERT, receives the 5th award Green Flag Eco-Schools, renewed its Quality Certification according with the ISO 9001/2008 norm. EPATV has several active internship protocols and has a project of creating a Gastronomy Superior School in partnership with the Basque Culinary Center of Spain. "